Why Tarot?

People ask my why are you so interested in Tarot? What could those little cards possibly tell you? I usually give some vague response so people will stop asking their questions, getting into it can take some real time.

Anyone who has immersed themselves in learning the tarot knows why. It provides reflection to the human psyche as well as helping them navigate though life.It has so many uses. One can use it in magickal ritual to bring about the change they seek in their own reality. You can use it as a simple tool in guiding you through life’s problems. Just meditating on the lessons a card can show us can help you become a better more balanced person.

For those not on a  more non-traditional spiritual path this can be hard to understand.

Tarot for me never gets old. I love to collect Tarot and just admire the artwork. I always have some card sitting on my altar in which I’m channeling that cards energy to bring about my will. Typically I have the nine of pentacles, the ace of pentacles, or something of that sort sitting there. I usually do a weekly card spread to give me an idea of what energies I’m looking at for the week. If I know I’m facing a big challenge the next day at work I’ll do a one card reading to give me an idea of what I need to bring to the table that day. The possibilities are endless.

How do you use Tarot? Do tell! In the coming weeks I’ll be posting deck reviews, book reviews, card reflections and whatever else I’m in the mood for.





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