The Hierophant

After my mother died I repeatedly got the Hierophant in my card readings. I was in an incredibly dark place. I had lot the person in my life that mattered the most to me besides my husband. I fell into a deep depression. Witnessing her death and the way she looked at me in her final moment has and will be seared into my brain. She didn’t die a violent death. It was just unexpected.

The Hierophant card can appear in your reading when you need to seek the counsel of someone wiser than yourself. This can be a counselor, priest, elder. In my case it was telling me to seek therapy after witnessing my mother die. After getting this card about three times in a row made the call to a therapist. So many childhood issues came out that I didn’t even realize were there. I felt so much better after seeing her even for a month! Looking back if the universe hadn’t been nudging me through the Hierophant card I don’t know if I would have ever gone.

It can also stand for social constructs and order. The universe may be telling you that it’s wise for now to stay within traditional social constructs for now. You may be having an internalized struggle right now, spiritual or moral. When it comes down to it this card is all about religion and spirituality. Are you questioning our spirituality? Are you having difficulty falling in line with someone elses moral or religious standard? Ultimately you need to look within for your answers, nobody can tell you what to believe except for you. Something might be challenging your beliefs. A period of self doubt and truth seeking may be coming up in your life or already happening.

Looking at the cards placement on the tree of life can help one understand it better. I’m a big proponent of using the Qabalah and Tarot. I think they go hand in hand, one cannot have one without the other. This card lies on path number 16 between Chokmah and Chesed. The priest passes on his spiritual knowledge given to him through a burst of force (comparable to seeing the face of god) to Chesed (Mercy). In Chesed we begin to form archetypal characters and social constructs. We call this path the Eternal Intelligence – The Magus of the Eternal. For the knowledge of god once obtained is eternal and unsurpassed.

How has the Hierophant shown up in your life? Do you have a favorite Hierophant card? The two above are from the Hermetic Tarot and Mucha Tarot. I’ll leave you finally to think upon the Hebrew meaning of this card “hook or nail”.


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