Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles, this is one of my favorite cards to use in a ritual. Every ace card is the purest form of energy of each suite. Pentacles deals with mostly money and materialistic matters – those matters that most closely intertwine with the kingdom of Malkuth. Many people see them dealing primarily with finances. This card can quite literally mean the incoming of wealth. A period of financial growth.

You have a mature attitude about money with this card. Your level headedness will be paying off. The manifestation of your goals is at hand. Wondering if you should make that big purchase? This may be your sign to go for it.

This card can also relate to other material matters. Look at other aspects of your life like your job and love life. Things are going well for you, very well. Goals in those areas of your life may also be manifesting themselves.

I’ll take this card and put it on my altar with other symbols of prosperity such as taking some fresh sprigs of mint from my garden. As I inhale the mint and other aromas I have picked out I’ll visualize and meditate on prosperity and feel the warm glow of Kether coming down and blessing me. This card is naturally aligned with Assiah – the material world of the Qabalah.

There are other pentacle cards that I frequently use on my altar. The Ten of Pentacles is a great card to use as well. It represents a total fruition of materialistic matters. The tens relating to Malkuth on the tree of life represent the most imminent and complete card in their respective suite, but that card is for another day.

How do you work with the Ace of Pentacles?

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