A Winters Retreat

Ive been absence for awhile. The fall and winter has become a hard time for me. My mother passed away a year ago in October. With that comes depression. I haven’t felt like blogging or even doing anything Tarot related. Her death was extremely hard on me. Technically she was my grandmother whom brought me home from the hospital and raised me as her own child. There are a myriad of family issues that come to the surface for me with the holidays.

I think one of the best things about Tarot and practicing magic in whatever form you choose is that it gives you some amazing coping tools. It requires you to look within and face yourself and your demons in order to truly be an effective magician.

Sometimes though it can be hard to stay on the path.

My plan is to do a lot more blogging through the winter. I believe pouring yourself into a hobby or study can help distract and get your mind back on track. It’s always good to keep the mind busy and not wandering. I’ve recently bought a lot of books I’m planning on reviewing. I’ve also acquired some new decks. I certainly have enough to talk about!



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