Current Concepts

I want to briefly outline my beliefs and current concepts I’m working with. This blog will be a combination of tarot and my various occult interest. With that being said I think its  it’s important to outline a little more my beliefs at the moment. I emphasize at the moment because that’s subject to change. I’m a firm believer in staying fluid, being able to change your views and system of thought based on new information. In studying the occult I think people too often get tied up with one system of the magic or the other. While I do think that systems of magic should stay separate to a certain extent I do think it’s important to realize over the course of your magical career that ten or twenty years from now you might find yourself identifying with a totally different belief system.

At the moment I’m totally engrossed in:

  • The Qabalah – I grew up in a very religious southern Baptist home. We went to church every Sunday and Wednesday for family activities. I find the Qabalah comforting. I can get down on the Bible and the Zohar. These are concepts I’m familiar with and make the most sense to me. I have found it the easiest for me to understand and learn. My magical practice is heavily influenced by the Golden Dawn and Qabalistic Magic. I love to study the correlations between the Bible and Tarot. I think that it can really enrich your magical practice and give greater meaning to your tarot readings.
  • Lucid Dreaming – I’m currently experimenting with lucid dreaming and astral projection. I have lucid dreamed on occasion. My end goal is to be able to lucid dream on possibly a nightly basis and move into astral projection. Currently I’m reading Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce. This is a very long term goal. I will be happy if I can just lucid dream on an even more regular basis. Dream are such an important window into the unconscious. I record my dreams daily and even if I can’t remember them to see if there is any pattern. One thing I have learned is that lucid dreaming is hard, at least for me anyway. For some people it seems to come so easily! It requires a lot of mental training. With working as much as I do this has been a struggle for me, by the time I get home from work sometimes I really don’t want to do anything and I just can’t seem to get motivated to meditate or do any kind of mental exercises dealing with concentration or visualizations. I really just want to “veg” out and become one with my couch and dogs.
  • Builders of the Adytum – I recently became an associate of Builders of the Adytum (BOTA). I have to say that the lessons have been fantastic. For $18.00 a month they send you a group of lessons dealing primarily with the Tarot and Qabalah. They have monthly meet ups in various cities. I do want to point out that I have seen a lot of complaints on the internet about the material quality of the lessons. They come no frills. Don’t expect any big glossy pamphlets or high color lessons. They keep their printing costs low because its not about the paper it comes printed on, its about the material within. For a little background this organization was started by Paul Foster Case who was a member of the Golden Dawn. He broke off and started the Builders of the Adytum – a mystery school in Los Angeles. Though I do incorporate Golden Dawn Rituals into my practice I think at the moment BOTA is the best mystery school around. The Golden Dawn is a little too showy for my taste, though I do think there is tremendous value to their teachings. BOTA is just a little more low key.

Of course there is always more. This post serves as just a random ramble of some things on my mind.

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