Meditation – Everyone’s Least Favorite Chore

I want to take time to discuss meditation. I feel like whenever you bring it up people get grumpy. We live in a society where there is constant stimulation. People can’t sit still or go for five minutes without checking their phones or tablets. This presents a huge problem for those seriously wanting to undertake a magical path. Meditation is an essential first step in being able to control the self. If your not able to sit and focus for five minutes how can one possibly be able to sit for ritual or to cast a spell which requires such an intense amount of mental concentration?

One common misconception is that meditation requires the blanking of the mind. It does not. That is one form of meditation, and it is a very important skill to learn, however, there is so much more. You can meditate on a certain image, concept, breath, such a number of things. It is something that starts out slow to learn. At first one may be only able to sit for a few minutes without fidgeting. Over time this will grow.

You don’t have to sit for hours like a stoic Tibetan monk. I typically take about ten minutes most days. I would say a total of fifteen because it usually takes me about five minutes to sit and get into the proper state. It isn’t about the length of time you meditate, but the quality.  Consistency is key. I try to meditate at the same time every day. I find it easier, my body gets into a routine. I always burn some essential oils and begin by focusing on my breath and let my mind wander. It decompresses the day. I roll back through everything that happened and let my mind be a neutral observer. After I get into a light trance state I reel my mind back in and see where it goes. Sometimes I may focus on a goal or if I am studying a particular tarot card I will focus on that and the symbolism behind it.

I think in the next month or so I am going to put together some free material on my tips and suggestions on how to meditate. Ive become such a believer that it is a cornerstone of any magical practice that I can’t see any other way to practice magic without it being integrated. If anyone has anything that they have found helpful in developing a meditation routine let me know. I love finding new things to incorporate.



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