Did anyone notice in my last post I spelt the word least wrong in the title of my post? I draft medical office leases for doctors as my day job and I guess I had work on my mind! It has been corrected. I can’t believe it took me this long to notice.

Work has been on my mind a lot lately. Ive been faced with several big choices lately that will impact the future of my husband and I. Like at the moment we are deciding on whether to sell our house and move to a totally different state and start over. In addition to this move I’m thinking of quitting my corporate day job and start my own business. I have a few different ideas, mostly I’m just so tired of working the in corporate world.  Ive been doing readings for these challenges seeking guidance from the all. Judgement has been coming up a lot. That inspired me to write a blog post about it. I think it is a card a lot of people have difficulty interpreting. As we get farther along in the major arcana things get more muddled. We go from defined archetypes to more abstract concepts. There is an accumulation of experiences leading up the the Universe where we achieve total enlightenment. Before  we reach that blissful state where everything is going great and we reach the pinnacle of achievement we have to go through a spiritual awakening. An epiphany or the last call to answer the angels trumpet.

The Judgement card can mean a time of self evaluation or meditation. You may be faced with some huge choices that will require very careful consideration. Most depictions of this card depict people rising from their graves at the sound of Gabriel’s trumpet. These people are being given second chance, they are undergoing a spiritual awakening.  To me there is a sense of relief and release, they are being freed of any burdens. The choices your now faced with are an accumulation of past acts and there will be fruition.  You may be at a cross roads. Upright this card is a good sign. Finally there will be breakthrough. If this card appeared in reverse I would caution one to take heed. There is the potential to miss out on momentous moments. This is not the time to get ahead of oneself or get cocky. Careful consideration and reflection is key. The decision ahead will be a defining moment. This may even point to to an eureka moment where the path or choice becomes clear.

This card is sometimes called Aeon. It connect Hod with Malkuth on the tree of life. It is ruled by the Hebrew letter Shin which means fang or tooth. Ideas are being manifested into reality at a final accumulation which is directly represented by the connection on the tree of life between Hod (the realm of mental capacity and ideas) and Malkuth (the kingdom, the final level of concrete manifestation).

This card can be a good meditative tool if you are working on bringing something to fruition in your life. Look at it to remind yourself of the brevity of your choices. What you manifest on the subconscious place will manifest on the conscious plane.  When Gabriel blows his trumpet for you will you be ready to make the choice set before you?

Some other correspondences going along with this card:

  • Its planet is Pluto which governs synthesis of information, evaluation, personal judgement.
  • This card can correspond to either fire or water. I can see it from both sides. This card exhibits a burning energy, but it still has much to so with the element of water and matters of the subconscious.
  • The herb associated if golden seal, which can be used as a laxative or antiseptic.

Do you have a different view of this card? What is your take?

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