Geburah – The Sphere of Adjustment

Geburah, the Sephira most people experience discontent with. It does not share its pleasant connotations like those of its other half Chesed. It can seem cold, brutal, uncomfortable, even destructive at its worst. It an essential part of our lives. Geburah serves a very important purpose. It is the adjustment in our lives when things are not going well. It is the caution we feel in our gut when something doesn’t feel right. Sometimes we think we are going in the right direction in live but we are fighting upstream. The stream slowly or sometimes quickly in one drastic movement ebbs away the shoreline to make way for something new.

One of the easiest ways to look at Geburah is a forest fire. Forest fires are horrible are they not? To see all of the death and destruction they leave in their wake. They serve a important function in the ecosystem. They stimulate new growth. When a forest fire is naturally occurring it can be an amazing catalyst for rebirth and change. The landscape is cleared for new growth and rebirth. For some trees they are vital in the assistance of reproduction by loosening the seeds of trees.

Geburah must be complemented by Chesed. There is a balance there as with any pairs of Sephirah on the tree. This goes with the whole forest fire metaphor I gave above. This period of adjustment must be followed by the compassion and benevolence of Chesed.

Sometimes painful change and loss must be forced upon us for us to experience growth. I feel like Ive been immersed in this sphere for some time now. Change has been accelerating. Nothing has been going right lately. All of the foundations of my material life have been shaken. It is like I have been going through a forced adjustment, not of my own will. Everything has been a pain in the ass! Ive also been re-reading the chapter on this Sephirah in Ladder of Lights and contemplating what this means to me a lot lately. I think its important to embrace hardships and curve balls life throws at us. We dig in deep and develop the strength and will to overcome. This is another important benefit of Geburah. It helps us build character, strength, resiliency. This is easier said than done sometimes. Ive been struggling with the strength portion of all this. Mostly career wise. I’m in a position where its time for me to move on from my job. Ive gone as far as I can go. I recently got a new manager after 5 years and we don’t get along very well. Ive been struggling to hold on despite like a forest fire its being burned away from me. I’m afraid to let go. One part of me knows how liberating and exciting it will be to let go and move on to the next step of my career, but I’m terrified of the unknown. Sometimes we don’t have a choice do we?

Tap into this sphere when your in the middle of competition, be it sports or your career. Tap into that fire, personal power and raw energy. The Seraphim are the angelic order that fan the flames of Geburah. I won’t go into a lot of detail here – there is plenty of literature on how to harness the traits of this angelic order. I will say that their power can be a powerful thing to work with. Directed correctly they can help you point your inner fire in the specific direction your trying to go. They are my personal favorite when studying the angelic orders.

Dwell in being uncomfortable. See it as an opportunity to grow and create. This is where true character is crafted and found. Savor those moments of fear because in those moments you are on the cusp of greatness.




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