The Golden Thread Tarot – Review

I received this gem for my birthday in October. I was initially unsure of how I felt about it. It wasn’t the type of deck I typically gravitate toward (decks more aligned in the RWS style). I typically lean towards decks with a more esoteric theme such as the Tabula Mundi or Navigators of the Mystic Sea. I don’t have a lot of RWS clones in my collection. Even though this deck follows the RWS tradition it stands out in the way its executed. This is not your standard RWS deck.

This deck looks luxurious. I love the packaging. It looks pretty damn good on my bookshelf. It feels expensive. It isn’t actually as expensive as some of my other decks. It costs $45.00 without shipping direct from the website. Which I find to be an extremely reasonable price considering prices on some other indie made decks out there. It is produced by the Labyrinthos Academy. You can also purchase the accompanying Altar cloth from their website. The box is sturdy and has held up to being tossed around in my backpack without a scratch so far.

The most interesting thing to me about this deck is that the card stock is matte recycled plastic (noticed the recycle part, this deck is trying to be terribly eco). I’ve never seen a deck with plastic card stock though I know there have been a few (the only one I can think of is the Transparent Tarot). This lends itself incredibly well to shuffling. I can also see that this helps in the long term durability of the cards. You don’t have to worry about the paper cardstock wearing over time. After my experience with this deck I so hope we so more decks go this route. I’ve enjoyed the feeling of these in my hands. They are somehow sturdy yet flimsy as the same time. The cards are just incredibly smooth. Some people might complain about how thin the cards are. Due to the material they are incredibly thin. I personally don’t have a problem with this, but I could see some people will love this and others won’t

The designs themselves on the cards are a printed gold foil. The deck utilizes straight bold lines in a minimalistic style to convey meaning. I’ve fallen in love with the art. The gold foil makes the images so striking. They are simple, yet the sheen from the imprintation makes them so complex. There is an art deco vibe in these, it reminds me for some reason of the Dark Exact Tarot. These cards would do well for a novice or an experienced reader looking for something unique to add to their collection. The symbolism is easy to interpret and draw from. One will be familiar with many images in this deck as they are similar to images found in a standard RWS deck, however, the artist has given their flair to each card creating a new take on it. The little people with their friendly faces make this deck inviting. I love this little world that has been created. Even The Devil seems somewhat friendly to me. My favorite card in the deck is The Hermit. He looks like he has so much purpose standing on top of his little hill. There is a sense of definite direction, confidence and certainty the way the lines are utilized on this card.

One interesting thing about this deck is that there is an accompanying app you can download for it. On the app you can log your spreads as well as pull a virtual card of the day. It also contains a dictionary of card meanings. I haven’t used it extensively. I keep a physical notebook to log my spreads and usually do a physical card of the day. This app could be quite fun while your on the go. I do like the idea of integrating new technological platforms with the Tarot. As we do become more advanced as a society its interesting to me to see how the old ways and new ways intertwine.

Labyrinthos Academy makes an additional deck called the Luminous Spirit Tarot. It is the opposite of the Golden Thread Tarot. While the Golden Thread Tarot is black and gold with bold and sometimes harsh lines the Luminous Spirit Tarot is white with soft lines. I think it would be interesting to use both decks in a reading. I have not purchased this one yet, but both decks are priced the same on their website.

Overall this one is a keeper.

What are your impressions of this deck?

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