Product Review – Anita Apothecary

Scent can be a very powerful aspect of ritual. For centuries perfumes have been used to enhance ritual and entice the spirits. I always get excited about oils. Every day I have some essential oil going in my diffuser. I think that having the right oil can get you in the mood for ritual and set the tone for whatever your doing. I was looking around on Etsy for a new oil. I just felt compelled to add something new to the mix. I stumbled across Anita Apothecary in my search. I purchased the Divination and Clairvoyance Ritual Oil. I wanted something to use with my Tarot readings. The ingredients include orange peel, mugwort, thyme, sandalwood and labradorite chips. In addition to a great selection of ritual oils you can find candles, solid perfumes, ritual tools, and crystal incorporated jewelry.

First of all I love the packaging. It just feels witchy. All of the little bits of herbs and crystals look wonderful. I love the font and the nice little touch of twine and charm around the top. The label is beautiful. This is a beautiful bottle to just have sitting on your altar. I’ll admit the packaging is one big thing that attracted me to these oils. I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging.

The scent is earthy. upon first whiff you can definitely smell the thyme and sandalwood The notes of orange peel are subtle and underlying. This is not a sweet scent. Its very herby and earthy. Ive been taking a bit of it and anointing my hands before doing a tarot spread. Ive also used it in the bath pre-ritual. All of the ingredients remain true to the intention. All of these ingredients do have divination and intuitive properties.

I plan on making more purchases from this shop. I’m excited to explore more of Marie’s wonderful creations. Below you will find the link to her Etsy shop. I think it’s so important to support local pagan artists. I see that she also is offering in limited quantity a subscription box through crate joy.

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