Mystic Mondays Tarot – Review

I stumbled upon the Wild Unknown shop while meandering around on Alberta street. I am so not in the loop. I did not know this existed. It is the coolest little metaphysical shop I have been to here in Portland. While I was in this mystical and wonderful place I purchased the Mystic Monday deck. This had been on my radar for some time. I have been on hold purchasing any new decks so purchasing this was a bit celebratory for me. Moving to Portland was such a hard move. I was totally uprooted. Finding the Wild Unknown shop just reminded me of one of the reasons I moved here. The occult community is strong and everywhere. I feel at home. There couldn’t have been a more perfect deck purchase to symbolize the starting of something new.

(Notice the puppy paw, one of my four legged kids decided to be part of the photo)

The deck is illustrated and developed by Grace Duong. The deck uses color and abstract design to deliver its message. Since this is the Tarot for the Modern Mystic what would a modern mystic be without an app to accompany their deck? The app is just like the app for the Golden Thread Tarot. You can pull a card of the day and log which card you pull. This deck does not come with a little white book. You can find card meanings on the app. It’s very handy. Since I do not own the seperate guidebook I use it often to look at the artists interpretation of the cards.

This deck comes in a great sturdy box. It feels strong and good enough to throw in my bag. I love the use of iridescent silver throughout the deck. It’s used on the box and also on the edges. The combination of matte black and iridescent silver is beautiful. I am a sucker for anything matte black. Also what a fantastic name! Mystic Mondays is such a fun and playful name. It gives me the warm fuzzies inside.

These cards are standard playing card size. They are very slick and shiny. They are almost too slick. They are so glossy that they will show any scratches and fingerprints very obviously. I do worry about wear. I have found that cards this glossy can look worn rather quickly. Also I wonder how long the foil edging will stay. Foil edging also has a reputation of wearing quickly. My deck already had some scratches on it right out of the box. I would handle these with care. This is my only reservation with this deck. The Wild Unknown is too matte in my opinion and this is on the other extreme end of the spectrum. The card stock itself is very sturdy though. It does not bend easily. It’s high quality. Only time will tell!

I love the use of color in the cards. The artist intentionally uses specific colors throughout each card. These cards are extremely abstract which opens up a world of interpretation. Beginners will have a hard time with this one. My favorite card in the deck is The Devil. I think the imagery says so much. It’s very powerful. You get a real sense of vibration from this deck with the way lines and color are used. This was the artists intention and its executed perfectly. I also want to point out this is a very female empowered deck. All of the abstract figures with the acception of the typical male court cards are female. Even the hanged man has been renamed the hanged woman.

This deck would be great for meditation. It just has good vibes which is the intention. Despite how abstract it is a very approachable deck. My readings with this deck so far have been pretty good. I have also been using this deck for goal manifestation. The focus on color and vibration is really great for goal focused meditation and pathwork. This deck has become one I find myself reaching for pretty often.

Despite my beef with the card stock I definitely recommend this deck. It’s unique enough to have in your collection and it’s a very workable deck. It’s just friendly to work with. I would just shuffle with care.

You can purchase the deck online at There is a physical guidebook you can purchase separately as well as a plethora of goodies including a coffee table book, art prints and postcards. The cost with the guidebook is $75.00 or without $55.00.

On a more personal note I got tickets for the Chelsea Wolfe show March 27th. I am so excited! Her voice is the perfect background to witchcraft. If anyone wants to meet up at the show contact me! Now that I am here and settled in I am ready to meet my fellow mystical ladies. Music is a very powerful element of ritual for me. You can feel the right music in your soul. If you haven’t heard of Chelsea Wolfe go look her up now. Do you have any music you use to get you in the ritual mood?

2 thoughts on “Mystic Mondays Tarot – Review

  1. The artwork for this deck is so interesting. It’s a pity about the scratches. From reviews I’ve seen, the printing quality overall is not great. There are blotches in the varnish etc. I hope the artist sorts it out with the next printing run. Great review 🙂


    1. Thanks Lee! I am glad I am not the only one that noticed the poor printing quality. At this price point it’s very disappointing especially since it’s such a pretty deck! I am optimistic this will get changed on the next edition.

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