Materialism and the Craft

Witchcraft has see a resurgence in popular culture lately to a degree that I don’t think it has seen before. With the introduction of social media the witch game has totally been changed. That of course comes with capitalization. Just look at how many youtube channels and blogs there are on the occult now (mine included). We are living in an age where you can actually watch a video or read a blog post about a Tarot deck, or other related items. The age of the occult being truly “secret” is over. The knowledge is more accessible than ever. Are you a ceremonial magician or perhaps a kitchen witch? No problem! There is a youtube channel for you.

I think this accessibility is a wonderful thing. At the same time we have to be careful not to give into materialism and false ego. I am guilty of the seeing a shiny new deck being reviewed online and buying it immediately without regard to my bank account. I love magical shiny bits and bobs. There is satisfaction in looking at my bookcases and seeing the collection I have amassed. Admittedly having a tricked out room dedicated to my practice does help set the mood, but its not necessary.

Spiritual advancement and initiation is not about how many decks or shiny bits and bobs you have. I think many times, especially in this day and age, whatever path you may be on can get overshadowed by it. In the competition to have the biggest tarot collection we are just feeding in our ugly egos characteristics of greed, pride, and lust.

One goal of my spiritual path is to overcome the ego. Living in this world we should not totally deprive ourselves of our wants and desires but live with them in a healthy way. Our society is just not made for it. Unless your a monk or swear a life of solitude and live off the grid it’s impossible to not have to deal with the hassles of a physical life. If you want that crystal or deck and you have it budgeted get it! But never put those things over your financial health. Ask yourself, do you really need that deck that bad? By riding the middle pillar and recognizing your financial health and superfluous desires your already ahead of the spiritual game when so many people drive themselves to destitution to have more and more. Many times I have seen something limited edition and new that I am just dying to purchase. I put it in my shopping cart and mull on it. Usually if I mull on it enough I come to the conclusion that I really don’t need it right now because it I am debating it that hard then there is probably a financial reason for it.

I see bickering sometimes on message boards, there is almost a sense of elitism by some because of their large Tarot collections or trendy modern witch fashion clothing. It’s sort of a race to “outwitch” one another. Sometimes I feel like the witch community are just as bad as the preppy mean girls I dealt with in high school!

We must still remain a tight community. There is a lot of prejudice still against paganism. Coming from Dallas Texas I experiences that a lot. My co-workers did not know I identified as a pagan for about 4 years. When I shared it things really were not the same again. I got asked some of the stupid questions like “so you don’t believe in god?” and “aren’t pagans satanic?” (no joke, these are actual questions people asked me). I was made fun of and ridiculed because I did not follow what you would consider to be the stereotypical southern Baptist tradition (that isn’t just a stereotype in Dallas, it’s home of the “mega-church”).

I am starting to ramble off topic. My point with this post that started because I was looking longingly at the Game of Thrones deck is that there is already so much prejudice against out community lets not lose sight of what’s important and what really defined our spirituality.



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