The Weekly Magical Roundup – Vol IV

So this isn’t a true “weekly” round up of magical things out there because I don’t get to it every week. With how much I work at my day job I have a tendency to veg and meditate. Posts typically simmer for awhile with me. After all, this blog is a labor of love and should never feel forced or a chore! I have found some goodies that I wanted to share with everyone, so lets get to it!

  • The Game of Thrones Tarot is out and apparently I have been living under a rock. I am a big GOT fan. I usually stay away from pop culture decks but I love the artwork style used here. I’ll be purchasing this one off Amazon very soon. Go check out Benebell Wen’s Blog telling you all about it.
  • Occulture has a great episode up now feature Jason Miller. I am not very familiar with his work but after listening to this discussion I plan on reading his book on financial sorcery. I enjoy his practical approach. You can find the podcast on google play, or directly on the website. I suggest subscribing to Occulture. I think its one of the best Occult podcasts out there.
  • Little Red Tarot recently did an interview (well not so recently, 22 days ago according to my Feedly app) on the creation of the Dark Days Tarot. This is one on my list to purchase. I love the artwork. Reading about the creation of decks always fascinates me. I love to hear about others creative process. This will probably be the next deck I purchase if it doesn’t sell out first (like so many do before I can purchase them).
  • If anyone is in the Portland are this Saturday is Old Nick’s Pub annual Dark Arts Market. You can have the chance to support some locally produced decks (The Dark Exact Tarot and the Neon Moon Tarot are both confirmed to be there). Its from 1PM – 6PM located in Eugene. Also if you want to carry the party into the night the whole weekend is Gothic Weekend starting Friday night and lasting into the wee hours of Sunday morning.
  • Not so much of occult news, but rather amusing. The director of the legendary film “Nosteratu” had his head stolen from his grave in Germany back in 2015. Of course there was some speculation that “occult” motives were behind it. I just wonder, where is the head now? I have so many questions!
  • I stumbled upon an interesting article on a prison inmate exercising their right to practice religion in prison. Wiccan inmates don’t get as many rights as other prisoners mostly because there is not an awareness on how to approach it and most prisons chaplains are not trained to deal with the needs of such inmates. You can read that article here.

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