Animalis Os Fortuna Tarot – Review

I picked this deck up randomly. I was having a really crappy weekend. I just moved up here and was in between living spaces unexpectedly and was staying in a hotel due to a horrible Air BNB situation (because of this I will never use Air BNB again). A new deck always lifts my spirits. I was just sitting in my hotel room thinking about what a horrible mistake moving to Portland had been. My husband who had not moved up here yet encouraged me to get out and explore. After taking a nap at Riverside Cemetery I found an occult shop (for the life of me I can not remember the name). A nice buying trip later I ended up with this deck. I had not heard anything about this deck prior to purchasing it but was intrigued by the packaging and larger size of the cards.

This deck is created by Megan Weber. I could not find out much about the artist other than her Etsy shop where you can purchase the deck. It was by chance that I stumbled upon it at a local witchy shop. The deck itself comes in a nice sturdy box. It does come with a small book listing the meaning of each card. The book it comes with is simple and you won’t find long interpretations of each card here, it’s largely up to the user to decipher. The cards feel sturdy. I really enjoy the cardstock. It’s not too shiny and not too matte. As mentioned before these are larger than a standard size playing card so small hands might have a hard time shuffling. They are pretty close to the size of the Mary-El Tarot. I’m actually not a big fan of the pattern used on the box design or the backs of the cards. The design on the box doesn’t mesh well with the overall feel of the deck I believe.

This deck is inspired by nature. The cards uses a blend of animal imagery and bone to tell their story. As someone who is really into taxidermy and animal bone jewelry this excites me. The cards are all very beautiful. Also being a black and white deck is a plus! I have been saying how much I love grayscale decks. It suits the artwork well. The artwork is clean. Its a bit macabre, but not in a gory way. There is elegance and a sense of whimsy.

Its a very abstract deck. This is not a RWS clone in the slightest. For me reading with this deck is really based on intuition. Megan Weber has cleverly used subtly to bring meaning to the cards. Despite being abstract I found it easy to work with. I haven’t been pulling this one out as much as I would like to due to space. I am still working on getting my studio space fixed up. With this size of the cards your going to want to have a good space to work with if you plan on doing a large spread. The oversize of the cards really help make the artwork make a statement. You want these to be oversized. All of the details come out. I do wish there was a little more detail on what went through the artists head in the creation process. I would like to see a companion book in the future maybe to give me more insight on the artists take on card interpretations.

This is a unique and beautiful deck that is definitely collection worthy. It can be purchased for $35.00 directly from Etsy and may be available at your local occult shop.

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