3 Card Weekly Spread – Death and Stagnation?

I think I am finally starting to settle into my new life here in Portland. The road has been hard, but I’m getting used to the vast differences in lifestyle between here and Texas. One thing that has increased has been the lack of time for side endeavors. I took a new position taking on a lot more responsibility as a commercial Property Manager. I guess I am a total glutton for punishment because I bought another house that’s a total fixer upper (but I paid for it in cash so at least its mine). So between working and just working on my house I haven’t had much time for my creative pursuits!

One thing I do in my spiritual practice is a weekly 3 card spread to give me an idea of the energies that are going to be following me this week. I may not have much time but I at least make time for that. Sometimes is extremely accurate, sometimes I can’t make heads or tails of what I’m supposed to take from it.

This week proved to be quite accurate. Lets dive into what I took away from this weeks spread!

Death is one of my favorite cards. Whenever I get a new deck I get excited to see how the artists will interpret it. So many times this card gets stereotyped as meaning literal death and doom. Death is essential for rebirth. What is cannot remain. For me death means transformation, change, birth. Reversed this card means stagnation. Your stuck in a rut. Forward movement has ceased. This was my overall theme of the week. I admit I have felt a bit stuck lately. There are so many things I want to be doing. There are so many creative endeavors I have had plans for. I have felt in a rut. I am not progressing or regressing, I’m just stuck. I work so much that when I am not working I don’t want to do anything or I’m busy just getting caught up on basic tasks such as groceries and laundry. I have good intentions, sound familiar? This card came as no surprise to me.

The main issue here for me seems to be a lack of motivation. Four is a card of stability. An interesting combination of fours and Death appeared this week leading me to conclude that there will be a lack of stability emotional and energy/goal wise. The wands are often associated with passion, drive, energy, and creative endeavors. The solution or advice I should take heed is not to be like the man on the 4 of cups and become content and complacent. Don’t let routine make you lose sight of fresh new endeavors and goals.

There is another voice of caution here. Be grateful for what you do have in life. In the four of cups we see a man with his eyes closed to the cups bountiful with things in front of him. Equally the four of wands represents celebration and abundance. Reversed this is a lack of appreciation or involvement possibly in the domestic sphere. This can tie into the stagnation and the stuck feelings I have been experiencing lately.

I plan on combating this by working more proactively on my goals. I think if I start by jotting out a gameplan that will help. I would like to get my Etsy back up and running with my jewelry and such, also I want to be more active on my blog and social media. Its so hard to find time for such things today. I guess the universe is telling me I need to make more time!


This week I took firm actions and intentionally made time to reach my goals. I took the time to start re-vamping my etsy store, which has been on my list forever. I actually took some time for ritual and saged my house (I was exhausted, but determined). I placed my dream journal more strategically so its something I do when I first wake up in the morning (last year I recorded my dreams every day, this year not so much). I admit I did feel invigorated after forcing myself to do some of these activities. At the moment I do feel out of the rut! Everyone gets spiritually stuck, the important thing is you can pull yourself out of it and move forward.

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