Ansata Tarot – Review

The Ansata Tarot is a gem. Its one of my favorite majors only decks, actually it is my favorite majors only deck. This deck was originally published exclusively in German in 1981 and then in English in 1985. It has gone in and out of print over the years. Currently it is not. There is a book that accompanies this deck but it has been long out of print. I do not have it and I have seen copies of it going for a couple hundred dollars. The cards in this deck are so detailed and heavily astrology based. My copy is an original German printing that makes it all the more special to me. I haven’t really seen a lot on the internet about this one.  I think it really deserves more exposure and credit.

This deck is also heavily astrology based. As you can see each card also has the planetary assignment on it. This is because the deck was actually created for a book called Astrologie un Tarot by B.A. Mertz and Paul Struck. What I love about this deck is how rich the symbolism is. It takes you on an esoteric journey. The cards require study as they are so richly layered. These are really detailed! I really hope this book comes around again in print in English. The cheapest I have seen the companion book is $100.00 for an out of print copy. I would love to read the interpretations of these cards. This is not a deck for beginners. Heavily Qabalah based, those who are familiar in the western mystery tradition will appreciate the card imagery.

This is also a very niche deck. Some people will love it, others will hate it. I don’t use this deck for readings really. I think where it shines is ritual use. You could ceratinly find some creative way to incorporate it into your readings or perhaps some major only readings. Currently The Magician is placed on my altar. This is a great deck for focal work. My favorite card in the deck is Judgement. I think the image is so powerful. I really have nothing like it in my collection and I’m a sucker for esoteric decks. If you wanted to incorporate it into a multi-deck reading I think it would go really well with the Tabula Mundi deck or the Navigators of the Mystic Sea deck.

My copy was purchased off Ebay for about $40.00. I have seen copies online going for several hundred dollars depending on which version it is. Just pulling up Amazon I see they are going for about $220.00.


Do you have any favorite majors only decks? I think it would be interesting to see someone do a “swords only” or “cups only” deck. I love the concept of mixing decks during readings!

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