Tarot Readings

In person tarot readings are available at my sanctuary for $100.00 per session. I am located in the Portland area. Please contact me for additional details.

Tarot readings can be purchased below at my Etsy shop. I offer a variety of options and also do custom readings upon request.

My Etsy Shop – Tarot Esoterica

When purchasing a reading please keep the following in mind:

  • Readings will be delivered via email in full color PDF format. This will feature a picture of your reading and a in depth explanation of the cards. Readings will typically be delivered within 3 business days. Please note that I do work a full time job and sometimes this may be delayed. if there is such a delay I will let you know when to expect your reading.
  • When placing your order please give me as much information as possible on yourself and why you are seeking a reading. This will help me choose the right deck for you. I am blessed to have an extensive deck collection to choose from and usually choose a deck based on the energy of the querent/situation unless a deck is specifically requested.
  • All readings are done in my sacred space on my altar that is specifically dedicated to tarot and magical work. I cleanse my decks between each reading. Some people find this unnecessary. I do this because it makes me feel better about my readings. Its almost like I’m taking a breath of fresh air and starting with a fresh slate. I use sage and prayer.
  • Please note that I am not a licensed physician or attorney. I can’t give legal or medical advice. Advice for such topics should be directed to a licensed professional.
  • Refunds will be give for non-delivery ONLY.
  • Some states require me to say that my readings are for entertainment purposes only, so here is my obligatory for entertainment purposes only statement.